A Message from Cat Lang-Bigley: Put Your Mask on First! (Said Every Airline to Every Passenger)

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One of Cat’s specialties is empowering women. But I’m not going to say that a man can’t get something out of her timely message. ~ Christiane Marshall, editor How to refill your cup, so you can be better for those around you… self-care is not selfish. All of you amazing women who are keeping the world turning in this completely ridiculous strange new world we find ourselves in — I SEE YOU!! You’ve got this — you amazing woman! Yes — YOU! Now, I suggest you go stand in front of a mirror and repeat this over and over again “I got this… I am amazing... I got this… I am amazing… I got this!” Bathroom selfie self-talks may be the new “life coach” as you become your own best friend and your own biggest cheerleader. PLEASE — read this and close your eyes for a minute — oh, not [...]